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British Championships Outcome

Friends of Allonby Men 4th
Friends of Allonby Ladies 3rd

Our Division 1 teams Men's and Ladies teams competed in the final weekends (21-22 May) play for this current polo season.  Although the weather was  a bit miserable on the Saturday, Sunday's bit of sunshine and the season's outcome for both of teams made up for it.
The neutral has to remember the teams competing against each other over the weekend are the best top men's and ladies teams in the British leagues.
It's the lads third season in D1 with placings 4th year 1, 5th year 2 and now 4th again year 3 so really creditable performances over that time. They know it, I know it. Boys it's time to push. There's no doubting the teams ability. It really does depend on how ambitious you are for yourselves. Player for player you are certainly well good enough to break into that top spot. The slightest individual error at this level can be so costly and it's that level of detail that needs addressing. Nevertheless a really good and very successful weekend.
For the girls team the previous results had already pre-determined 3rd place. This was as good as we could achieve. Unlike the men's league the ladies league for the weekend was somewhat set up with the more successful teams playing each other towards the end giving the Sunday games and their outcomes more of an edge in terms of results. Most newly promoted teams are just looking to hold their own and stay in their new division. For the girls to go on and achieve the third place at their first experience was a really good achievement with an average age of under 16 years for most of the team. If they carry on and work together there surely can only be but one outcome to focus on next season!

Players used over the season included:
Men: George,Harvey,James, Kartik, Lewis, Shivan, Stuart, Suryan,
Ladies: Amira, Ella, Ginny, Isobel, Katie, Ruth, Sophie.

As much as the playing successes are the focus of the weekend, just as important if not more so is the togetherness and the really good club atmosphere that everyone generates in enjoying each others company, the willingness just to muck in and get on with things. Yes, the players and the teams set the scene if you like, but equally so the support and the help of the adults and the parents doing the fetching and carrying is all part and parcel of making the weekend what it can be. A really enjoyable and successful weekend, well done to everyone.
Many Thanks


Tees Barrage - The long and the short of it

A small group of club members made the long trek (by  rather fast whiz) to the Tees Barrage this weekend (21 May). The course is man made on the north side of the River Tees 300m for the long course and way less than this for the short course.  The drop is about 3.7m (12ft).  That's about from the top of a first floor window to ground level. Don't try it at home. On the short course most of the drop is in one go. A snazzy paddle-on paddle-off endless belt lifts paddlers in their boats from the lowest level back to the top. Paddlers are required to be able to paddle Grade 3 water and have a competent moving water roll - which you will need to get full use of the abounding waves and breakouts. 

Well how did it go. The first run down the long course (short course not running until 2pm) had Ian pushing it bit in play waves and having to roll out a few times.  The other Ian and Dave made the breakouts ok and on the second run built confidence by scudding across in the front of a decent sized frothy topped standing wave.  Ian and Dave got to the bottom and waited for the other Ian. And waited. And waited.  So out of boat and run up the course to render assistance. Other Ian was ok and just needed his boat holding in an eddy whilst he got back in.  A few more blasts round and time for lunch.  

Suitably refreshed a quick change into drier kit set us up for the short course. A watch of others doing it and a bit - a big bit of encouragement from Dave got us back on the water.  Ian and other Ian made the big breakout in the pool above the lead into the BIG drop.  Dave just went straight on and down - way down.  Ian next headed out of the pool but the wave at the outlet shot the front of his boat skyward and with the boat now vertical a capsize was the inevitable result.  Thoughts of going over the big drop did not appeal. Waiting a few seconds and a powerful roll found an adequate eddy - with a couple of other boats present. Phew. What a relief but only way to go was break into the flow and down the BIG drop.  Dave saw Ian disappear into the wave at the bottom and reappear the right way up moments later.  The other Ian made it down the BIG drop but the heavily churning waters had him over and out his boat.  The boat joined three others circulating in the massive left hand eddy.  Bravely the other Ian got back in and very nearly made it across the current and churning waters from the left hand to the right hand eddy for access to the boat ramp.  Another swim and time to carry boat round for a final trip round the long course.

Not being close contact Dave and other Ian got to the bottom.  Ian followed a bit too slow and slowed for another paddler too close in front.  Unfortunately this made him too slow to punch through the stopper that had developed at the bottom pool. Dave says the roll attempt was good but the flow dragged in back into the stopper where he paused upside down waiting for things to calm down indicative of likely rolling success. Well it did get a bit more calm but only because the stopper was really stable for the duration of the wait. Another roll attempt and still in the stopper so bail (or is it bale) time.  Ian was well pleased to be now circulating in an eddy and with the help of another paddler made it to the edge.  The other Ian, by now on the bank, caught hold of Ian but had to call over another paddler to pull Ian up out of the water which was about 1ft (300mm) below the bank edge.  In the next 10 minutes the water level in the pool at the bottom rose 1.5ft (450mm) and the evil stopper was tamed.  So the moral of the story is: after the short course is switched off and the long course switched on wait until the bottom pool has filled.

So the count was Ian: 3 rolls long course, 1 roll short course, 1 swim: other Ian: 3 swims (I think); Dave 1 swim (I think).  Well despite all this it was a trip skills were improved and memorable experiences obtained in what is really a safe enough environment.  Although its best not to have swim when you're nearly totally k'd.  

If you want to see what the course is like search Youtube for Tees Barrage or better come with on next trip.


New Club Members?

On pitch 3 Grey Mullets swimming around maybe enjoying the sun anything from 12" to 15/16" long I don't know how many constitutes a shoal but there was a lot of them.

On pitch 2. Adult Geese and 6 or more chicks paddling around enjoying themselves.

Chester April 2016

My first trip on moving water with the club was to Chester weir.  The quality of the Leadership from Colin and Vincent was first class. Their decision making and instruction gave me confidence to paddle there. Also with the support of the rest of the team it allowed me to enjoy the day.

All the instruction and training from the team since I joined the club really came good, particularly with the T rescues after I capsized twice. A great team day out.


(p.s. Photos in photo gallery courtesy Vincent)

27th Liverpool International Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th June at Dukes Dock Liverpool

27th Liverpool International Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th June at Dukes Dock Liverpool.

All abilities are catered for within a 5 pitch set up.
Entry Fee including the use of the SFX College camp site, and club bar facilities as per recent years at  £75.00 per team.

Albert Dock Car Park Fees at £3.50 per car per day.

Further details Entry Form payment details, closing date etc please see http://friendsofallonby.org.uk/liverpool-international-polo-tournament/entry-form-download.


Development Days

Development Days
Again with other supporting clubs and their coach's we are looking at the practicality of pooling resources, guidance and expertise to support a number of regional development days during the summer months


Summer League/s at the Collingwood Club Venue Liverpool

We are prepared to host the following single day summer event and activity dates at our purpose built 4 pitch club venue at the Collingwood Academy.

Summer Canoe Polo League/s
Sunday 25th June               Also the Regional ACM

Sunday 23rd July               Also if interest includes a Saturday 22nd July Refereeing Course

Saturday 27th August        Also if interest includes the Canoe Polo Bolt on Coaching Module Course either Aug or Sept date.

Sunday 11th September

With 4 pitch's available we have the flexibility to host a number of different ability leagues on the same day. Some of the planned dates coincide with the development academies training weekends also held on site.

Entry Fee £30 per team per tournament. £100.00 per 1 Team for 4 Tournaments if paid in advance by the closing date.
Further details Entry Form, payment details, closing date etc will be published within week or so.

Download this file (Entry_Form 2016 Summer League M2.docx)Entry_Form 2016 Summer League M2.docx[Summer League Entry From]268 Kb
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