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Wildwater Race at the Burrs

Yesterday's (Sat 8th Nov) Wildwater Race on the Irwell at the Burrs, Bury, saw about twenty club members present, some paddling, some not, some competing and some not. Whichever category club members were in it was an enjoyable day despite the early rain later clearing with a very occasional splash of sun. The competition was the largest seen for some time and in the general purpose boats category the girls from Friends of Allonby sweeping the board with Rosalind, Amira and Kayliegh taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Also these won prizes in the age categories as did Isobel as well. Well done all of you.  Photos to be added later.

Monday Evening Liverpool Novice Leagues Monday 16th September

Monday Evening Liverpool Novice Leagues Monday 16th September
The following teams are due to play this coming Monday 16th September Collingwood 6.00 p.m.
Division 1
Staff C
Prescot A
Liverpool Canoe Club
Divison 3
Friends of Allonby Girls
Friends of Allonby B
Mike M

Division 1 Yorkshire (Polo)

Hi all,
I have now taken over the running of Division 1 Yorkshire.  I have been sent the playlist and the game times have been moved from 10min to 6mins each way.  What do people think of this??
I have attached the current playlist.
Could you all make sure you reply so I have your correct email.

Andy Lowthorpe

Kayaks stolen from Knotty Ash

Hi all, Apologies for the mass email.

We have had some kayaks stolen from our school grounds over the last week. I'll try to track down photos as best I can but this is what has gone walkabout'

* Pyranha Kanarli Medium x2 in blue / white. x1 in yellow / mango. Rapid plus spec
* Pyranha Kanarli Large x1 in Green & x 1 in yellow / mango. connect 30 spec.
* Pyranha Z one small 2 x blue / black & 1 x blue / white. rapid plus spec
* Pyranha Z one Medium 3 x yellow / mango, rapid plus spec
* Pyranha H3 small [235] yellow rapid plus spec.
* Feel Free Nomad sit on top solo kayaks, 1 x red / blue / white & 1 x Red / blue.
* Pyranha Rebel in blue

All were in good order inc. airbags at the time.

All were marked in permanent marker 'Clifford holroyde SEN college'

If you see or are offered any of the above a bit cheap or from suspicious sources please contact my mobile 07834 536565 or ring school in daytime hours 0151 2289500.

Obviously this is an expensive loss and any help would be appreciated. if you have contacts with other clubs etc in the area if you could forward this out to spread the word.

Many thanks

Alastair Randall This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Liverpool Local Leagues

We feel there is now sufficient interest to host and run a local league or leagues dependant on the interest.
The league events will run initially at our Collingwood facility and as the weather turns colder from the Speke and /or Bootle pools from early October onwards. The teams and the league is specifically aimed at running the leagues locally and to make participation attractive by reducing the travelling time and costs to the minimum. Within the club we will be looking to see if we can make up as many teams both girls and boys as there are interested members. To that intent if you wish to have ago learn to play then come along. We have over the last weeks ran a Monday session and that will continue to and we will be able to build the numbers up dependant on the interest. As part of their development I am hoping that some of the slightly older boys and girls will help to coach and take ownership to both some of the training and hopefully the teams coming as result of their efforts.
If there is sufficient interest then we can run additional sessions and they can continue on some of the days of the term break.
the opportunity is open to all attending the Speke and Bootle pool sessions along with all of our other club members.
Let me know your interest if you would better still come along 6.00 p.m. this coming Monday and have ago.
and enjoy yourselvse.

Forthcoming Club Commitments and Tournaments

Dear all just to give you a reminder of our near future tournaments:

National Division 2 North December 15th Stockport Start Time 4.00 p.m.
Both club sides are due to attend. Please remember the Stockport Pool has a revised start time with the first games and refereeing stints starting at 4.00 p.m. You are advised to get there by 3.15 p.m. unload, sort kit etc. 

Narth West Regional Leagues January 5th Stockport Start Time 4.00 p.m.
Both club sides are due to attend. Please take note of the earlier start time.

National Division 4 North January 12th Derby Start Time 5.00 p.m.
I would advise you arrive no later than 4.15 p.m. in order to prepare for the tournament.

National Division 3 North January 12th Stockport Start Time 4.00 p.m.
Again you are advised of the earlier start time.So suggest a 3.15 p.m. arrival.


Mike Moffitt


Winter Training and the use of a Sports Hall and Gym Opportunity

Those of you who train year round are well aware that as a result of the sometimes hostile weather conditions it is more than questionable what if any measured benefits are actually gained training in those conditions. As we progress more into winter the less in outcome terms realisticly are acheived, and so the need for consistent training enviroment e.g. a Gym/Sports Hall is more than helpful.

We are fortunate that we have potentially been offered the use of a Gym and Sports Hall in the city centre for a couple of hours per week. we have already indicated an interest in taking up the offer of it's use instead of doing the Thursday Docks Session and are potentially looking at each Thursday evening say 6.00 p.m. until 8.00p.m.

In terms of our usage the content could be made up of a mixture of some measured fitness work gym apparatus/reps/bleep etc with a combination of some fun games footie/basketball/netball/handball to make up the session.

Whilst some of the activities are competition orientated we would encorage all of our club members to take up the offer.
Let me know your interest if you would as if there is a positive response the sessions could well start within a week or so.

Mike Moffitt
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