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Club Light Night 12th May


It membership renewal time


Training at Grandtully

Isobel's first trip to Grandtully and first training camp with the talent squad, was met with some apprehension. After a 5 hour drive, we arrived straight into the first session, the river was kind and relatively low and the weather mild.  Isobel stayed upright for an hour and emerged unscathed with confidence high. We were staying at the hostel directly over the road from the river, which was warm, cosy and great for team building (and cheap). Rain through the night mean the river was up on Monday morning, up so high that the paddlers couldn't see over the waves as they were paddling. Isobel moved from straight lines to going for gates, and in her last run, nailed an upstream gate just below the boat breaker, the paddler who only the day before has said she liked fast water but not big water, said that the waves were really good ! More of the same in the second session (only two one hour sessions allowed a day), Isobel was taught a 3 paddle gate which should knock some seconds off her run times. The last day saw all the paddlers on the water together to fit 2 sessions in before making the journey home. Isobel was really comfortable by now and working on the upstream gates. The last run was to be videoed as she came past boatbreaker to get the gate, of course Isobel used this opportunity to attempt her first roll on moving water, unfortunately she found the weight of the water too great and had to bail, but got to the bank with no panic with paddle and boat in hand. Final session Isobel was given the opportunity to do the full run, unfortunately lots of paddlers (including a coach), had rolled over the shoot at the top and Isobel was in no mind to join the list, she did however make a couple of runs in a C2 in the capable hands of Chris an ex GB paddler, who commended her on her canoe paddling (credit to Peter Mc).
In all, 5 hours paddling saw massive development and huge confidence boost, improved reaction times and accuracy. I would definitely recommend giving slalom a go, even diehard polo paddlers I'm sure would enjoy it. Next and nearest Div 3/4 Stafford Stone 7th March, Oughtibridge 25th April.



The Club would like to Congratulate Mike Moffit on his recent (last Saturday) National award presented by
British Canoe Union for his 'Outstanding Contribution to Paddlesport'   link to photo

This was announced at the BCU 75th Anniversary Dinner in Nottingham. Only a few awards were presented for outstanding support in the sport. As many of you know Mike has a long history with paddling from Scouting Stuart's participation in the sport, Mike becoming Coach, then Polo coach to GB Canoe Polo Sqaud coach.  He is still one of the most active Coaches in the Club and Nationally.  A WELL DESERVED AWARD

Congratulations Mike from Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club