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Slalom and Whitewater

Paddling on white water, takes your skills to a higher level. Young people and Adults alike develop resilience, problem-solving and huge amounts of responsibility, paddlers look after each other on the water. You develop your skills gradually, building confidence as you move on to bigger water.

Canoe slalom is an Olympic discipline at which Great Britain is particularly successful. It involves moving the boat - canoe or kayak, at top speed through gates on white water. Canoe England have a well- developed talent programme for slalom paddlers which provides coaching and race support to talented athletes. One of our club members, Isobel is a junior K1 and C2 paddler, she has moved from the Regional Talent Academy to Super Regional Squads for slalom and regularly competes across the country. In 2018, Isobel and her partner Olivia, won the U16 C2 National Championships at Llandysul.

Slalom paddling is a very social sport and Isobel has travelled and paddled with friends made all over the country, as far afield as Dubai. There are regular opportunities to paddle and compete in Europe, and try some of the Olympic courses such as Lee Valley in London or Augsburg in Germany.

If you want to try slalom paddling there are local competitions in North Wales and Manchester. Isobel is happy to coach anyone who wants to have a go and even if she’s not available we can arrange support from other local slalom groups. The club has slalom kit which we can potentially loan out to members to compete and Division 3 / 4 Canoe Slalom Competitions.

FOACCL - Moving Water Support

Below Are The Rivers That We Frequently Use

The Burrs



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